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7 Day Candle - Holy Spirit


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7 Day Candle - Holy Spirit
Burn this 7 Day "Holy Spirit" candle for daily blessings and protection.

Light this 7 day Holy Spirit religious candle in your home for blessings and protection on regular basis. This religious candle can fill your home, as well as your heart, with the divine energy of the Holy Spirit. It will guide you through tough times, fill your heart with positive energy and help you deal with hardship. The flickering glow of this 7 day candle will ease your mind and the relaxing energy it expels will take you up entirely. It is best used during times of prayer, meditation and reflection. It will create a soothing atmosphere ideal for a spiritual household. You will enjoy the quietness this religious candle brings to your home.

“Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of thy faithful, kindle them the fire of the love send forth thy spirit and they shall be cared and thou shall renew the face of the earth. Let us pray. O God, who dost instruct the hearts if the faithful by the light of the holy spirit, grant us in that same spirit to have a right judgment in all things and ever to rejoice in his holy consolation, through Christ our lord amen.”
  • Candle measurements: 2 1/2" wide 8 1/8" tall
  • Burn life approx: 120 hours
  • Colour: White
  • 100% Parafin wax
  • Non Scented