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7 Day Candle - Attraction

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7 Day Candle - Attraction
Burn the 7 day "Attraction" Candle to create passion between you and your mate.  Light a 7 day Attraction Candle before your lover comes over and watch as the spark between you increases.  Anoint Candle with a few drops of Attraction Oil to increase the power.  7 Day Attraction candle can also be used to clean your aura, making way for the natural magnetism of such things as money, success and happiness.
  • Candle measurements: 2 1/2" wide 8 1/8" tall
  • Burn life approx: 120 hours
  • Colour: Red
  • 100% Parafin wax
  • Non Scented


Please note: As all candles are silk screened, there may be slight irregularities in the screens. We encourage to reuse these beautiful glasses after your candle has finished. They make wonderful vases for your flowers.